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400+ species in Database

Eden Knowledge

A wild growing edible plants database provides information on identifying, harvesting, and using wild plants for food and medicine.

Knowledge from Experts

Eden experts in wild pharmacy specialize in identifying and using medicinal plants, offering valuable knowledge for natural health remedies.

Uniting Health Communities

Thanks to Eden App, healthy communities seek wild pharmacy knowledge to utilize natural remedies for holistic health and sustainable living.

Wild Pharmacy

A Wild Pharmacy herbs database offers comprehensive information on medicinal plants found in nature.

Wild Kitchen

Using wild edible plants in cooking adds unique flavors, boosts nutrition, and promotes sustainable, foraged-based culinary practices.

Get inspired by Eden

The inspiration that is given by Eden App for healthy cooking with wild edible plants comes from nature, offering fresh flavors and nutritious ingredients.

Find thanks to Eden App

Thanks to the Eden App, users can find wild-growing plants. They can be foraged and used in cooking for nutritious and flavorful dishes.